My Experience in BCSpro

Posted by Rasel Hossain on

I am Rasel from Bangladesh and I’m a freelancer. A few weeks ago I started working as a sales rep in BCSpro. The job of a sales rep is to get leads of the business. If the business makes sales from your leads, you will get commission.

As a sales rep, first you need to choose a business for which you will work. There is more than 1700+ business in this site. While choosing the business, I followed some ideas such as which business people use most in everyday life and which business provides greater percentage of commission.

There are three ways to get commission:

1. To refer a client who will buy the products or services from the business. You can discuss about the business to your friends, neighbors, peoples at workplace and wherever you can. If you can convince them, then directly refer them to the business through the business page at bcspro.com.

2. Using the unique business code to get leads. You can do this work at your home. You will get unique web link of the business from the business page. This link will work in any social media, blogs and websites. When anyone clicks on the link, they will be directed to the business page. If they make any call or email to the business, you will get details of the lead in “Manage Leads” in your dashboard. If the business makes any sale to the lead, you will get notification and get your commission. I’ve tried the unique code in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs and some websites.

  • You can provide the codes by posting or commenting them in your timeline, groups, pages. You can also use code in messages but you can’t send same message more than 15 times at a time. You have to be cautious about whom you are sending the message because if they report to Facebook , you won’t be able to sent the code by message anymore.
  • The same problem goes in Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. The only way to get result is to comment in posts. But there is a little chance to get result. Most people don’t like any business related comments in their posts.
  • There is a great possibility of getting leads by providing the codes in related blogs and websites. You can use the code as hyperlinks in blogs and websites. You have to find the blogs and websites in which Florida people visits often.
  • Google+ is also a great workplace. It offers you same options and opportunities as Facebook with almost no restriction. Google+ can produce greater amount of leads than other social media.

3. Very few businesses provide discount coupons. It is obvious that people are naturally interested in discounts. Coupons can be used in the same way as referral link.

It was a great experience working with bcspro.com. I’ve learned many new things. The BCSpro team is very friendly and helpful. They are very active. Whenever necessary, they will give you proper ideas and strategies so that you can get the maximum result from your effort and hard work.


Grow Your Income Using BCSPro

Posted by jdouglas on
Grow Your Income Using BCSPro

BCSpro sales reps are a large diverse group, made up of home makers, retirees, part timers and as a second job. Our model follows Uber. Our sales reps are all located in South Florida.  These part time sales reps solicit leads for 1800 businesses for a commission.

All our sales reps want to make sure that the sales lead provided are worked and if sold are paid promptly. To protect our sales reps, we have developed a system to rate each of the 1800+ businesses in South Florida. The system is designed to inform our sales reps which businesses respond timely, are honest, provide good products and services and pay promptly.  The standards we set for businesses are high, but should be since we are giving them leads at no cost.

The system we developed monitors all leads that reach the web pages on BCSpro using a unique code provided by the sales reps.  Our website tracks telephone calls, email quote request, referrals and discount coupons.  The sales reps distribute this unique code using social media, Emails, telephone, print coupons and word of mouth. When clicked by prospect they are passed to the BCSpro.com website page for that business and are noted as a potential prospect.  When these prospects contact the business, this action is tracked and the prospect information is inserted in the database as a lead. From that moment on all records are shown on the business dashboard, sales dashboard and BCS Staff Dashboard. If the sale is complete the business is required to pay the commission promptly by PayPal.

BCSpro monitors all activity and adjusts business rankings accordingly to performance.  If a business does not pay commissions he will be removed from the system.   Paying slow will reduce ranking.  These steps are taken to protect the sales reps.

Sign up her as new sales rep for BCSpro


How my friend helped to get started with BCSPro referral Program

Posted by Nicole Blake on

A few weeks back, a friend of mine gave me a coupon for John Amico Professional Haircare products as I use this brands product for a while.  My friend knew that I am freaking crazy on my hair care and after few days she even told me that she got a commission for as I have used her coupon to buy few products from John Amico online store.

After hearing that, I was like, WOW, that’s really cool to earn giving people a discount coupon for what ever you like. Her story made me learn more about BCSPro referral program, and on the same night I ended up signing up as a sales Rep(referrer). I was so glad to see a lot of services listed at the BCSPro site and I can make coupon of anyone I like.


How I started my journey of Online Earning

Posted by Jenson Riley on

It’s always expensive to own a boat and also maintaining a boat along with a space is always expensive. So I always prefer to be a part of boat club and I can hire on demand and also it gives me the freedom to spend within the limit. I have a group of friend who is equally mad about sailing and boat ride.

Recently I have got a discount coupon of South Florida Boat Club and I redeemed the coupon signing up as a customer at BCSPro. I also found about the referral program of BCSPro and it has also a local business listing, The best part is that I can make discount URL and coupons of any business I wish and I can supply to the people who need and upon successful redemptions, I will reward. The whole process is really simple and amazing.


How did I earned

Posted by Smith on

I am a former Stuntman and I am fond of Parties a lot. There is no weekend I have without going into the bar for at least a sip of beer. It’s also my pleasure to say that, there is no bar in Florida I think that I did not go. On the other hand, if any friends want to know about the best pub in town, I am the Wikipedia for them.

When I came to know about the BCSPro referral program, I was pretty not sure whether it will work or not. After my friend told me that It works, I signed up as a sales rep(referrer) and made several coupons with the approval from the RACK’ N BALLS PUB at the dashboard of BCSPro. It was really easy and after like a week I got my first commission as one of my friends has used the coupon I supplied. Now I am more determined to supply more coupons to my friends and its actually a great system to earn.


My story with BCSPro referral Program

Posted by Steve on

My name is Steve and I am a fashion designer. I am very happy to share my earning story with BCSPro Referral program as it all came all of a sudden, It started when my best friend was getting married and as I am a fashion designer, she gave a headache to me for an event management company and also urge me to deal with the designs and everything.

I started to look for the local event management company with google and luckily found out the business listing of BCSPro where I found a lot of business listings which are actually closer to my location. After checking back a few online I recommended my friend Your Wedding Boutique with a discount coupon which I created after signing up as a Sales Rep with BCSPro. There are also thousands of other everyday services and business listings and the great things that for referring every business I have the opportunity to learn.


The power of Word-of-Mouth

Posted by Sally Smith on

Why customers, retailers, entrepreneurs and marketers care about the word of mouth? The main five reasons how to hack growth with BCSPro referral programs and also how it will give people the opportunity to earn.
Customers trust word of mouth of the people they know more than anything else.
The five reasons are listed below:
1: The decision of the purchase is 50% influenced by recommendations
The easiest way to realize is, figure your last 5 buying decision and evaluate the reasons of your purchasing decisions. I bet 60% were influenced by the people you know!
2: It creates more sales than the average sales through paid marketing
Customers now a day are very sensitive and often it is seen that, we avoid advertisement and paid campaign. For most of the people advertisements seems very bothering and now a days we even use ad blocking software’s simply to get rid of advertise we come across online. In short, recommendations by a friend of family have 10 times more value.
3: The word of mouth influences in every stages of a customer’s journey
The strongest buying decisions comes by hearing another customer’s experiences and it carries a foot print in every stage of the products or services bought.
4: A recommendation can influence the customer’s research evaluations
A person can carry an incredible amount of research by themselves and gather all types of ideas about what to buy, how to buy and where to buy and etc. However, if a friend or family friend gives the recommend with a story, the story interrupts the decision and makes them to reconsider the options.
5: It can increase the company’s market share by as much as 20%
This actually suggests that having an edge in word-of-mouth can, over time, allow a business to climb up and over its competitors!
The best examples we can find are Paypal, Uber, Payoneer, and hundreds of other MLM (multi level marketing) that set tremendous examples.

The recommendations and the word of mouth make more sense than any other marketing strategies. . Word-of-mouth is intensely personal, and influences everybody’s decisions. So it makes a lot of sense for business, vendor and entrepreneurs to pay very, very cautious attention to it.


How I started with BCSPro!

Posted by Anna Myers on

I am student studying and living in Florida. Living on my own and also being independent is quite a difficult to maintain the daily living cost. I do a part time job in a restaurant and always look for an opportunity to earn a better living. While working in the restaurant, I came to know about BCSPro referral program as they were making the business listing of the restaurant I was working.

As I was already keen to explore new ways to earn, after coming home, I learned about the BCSPro referral program and looked what I can do to make money. Luckily I found the system very easy and started earning for the first time with referring Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals for a tent rental in the summer vacation to my friends. Soon after that, I started to ask friends to tell me if they need any of the services so that I can generate coupons for them and get rewarded.


Getting more leads for my Boat Club

Posted by Ricky Willis on

There are a lot of boat club based in Florida and the competition is fierce. Also, some of the big company has a lot of market reach with the marketing capital which is not possible for every rival. Until I have known about the BCSPro referral program, when a sales representative referred me to another service, I asked about the referral programs and functions and asked if there are any options to add my boat club. To my utmost surprise, back then more than 1000 business listing was there and now it’s much more.


After registering with BCSPro, I started to receive queries from the clients and also many of the referrers has made coupon on my business name which I felt very great. I made a couple of sales which is not bad all at the initial stage. The bcspro referral program is truly a helping hand in a fast pace business competition.