Advertising Your Business For Free

The advertising program consist of free advertising for businesses. Businesses can upgrade their site ranking on BCSpro pages simple by earning stars for improving their business content and performance. The more stars they earn the higher on the page the site will rank.

You must complete the basic business format provided. Place content about your business on entrance application. Provide Commissions offered to BCS sales Setup Discount Coupons and commissions to BCS sales reps. You must have valid email address, answer phone and text leads promptly. Must respond to all sales leads provided within 24 hours. Must set up PayPal account to pay sales reps.

We have established a Stars rating system for each business. BCS control the ratings and all site are displayed in order of number of stars earned. The company with moist stars will display before other with fewer stars. Stars are provided to businesses by BCS staff for the following-

      - Emails address is operational and complete details about your business are uploaded.
      - Telephone number are active and text numbers are operational.
      - Competitive commissions offered to sales rep.
      - Appropriate discounts coupon completed.
      - You respond to test sales lead within 24 hours.
      - Set Up PayPal payment system to pay commissions.
      - Leads are timely handled with notices on BCS system.

All sites will display in order of the number of stars each site displays. There are 8 stars which can be assigned. All sites with 8 stars will appear before 7 star account, etc.. Stars rating informs sales reps which businesses are best to work with.

BCS controls the rating of all businesses listed. Which enables BCS to lower ratings on companies that are not performing when provided leads. BCS controls stars assigned, to ensure the quality and the performance by the businesses.