Career Opportunities At BCSpro

BCSPro offers a business leads solution on a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to directly communicate commission offered to  hundreds of BCS sales reps.  Businesses post their business information on BCS web pages offering a commission to BCS independent sales rep. The commission agreement requires businesses to update the leads provided and is sold to pay commissions promptly, preferable by PayPal. Sales reps send leads via email, text, telephone and in person to business and all leads are tracked by BCS. BCS documents the sales leads and stores the data in dashboard of all businesses and sales reps.  When purchases are made by prospects provided by sales reps a commission is due. 

BCS monitors all leads produced and the responses by the business and payments made when due.  We rate all businesses by their performance, awarding or removing stars depending on performance.  

BCS protects our sales reps time, by awarding stars to companies who follow the rules and handle leads promptly. Businesses with the highest number of stars will appear first on all pages of BCS website. All businesses have a star rating. 

BCS pro is helping grow local business sales with our sales reps, who are independent contractors working part time, to supplement their income. We have 1800 businesses that need support. Today we have several hundred sales agents and we are growing at the rate of 50 sales reps per month. Our goal is to become the largest sales force in the USA.  Send applications for employment to