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We offer both immediate commission only sales positions or, if you submit your resume, placement with businesses that need specific talents. Signing up is the first step to independence from home. BCS provides the ability to earn commissions and salaries from thousands of businesses.  You pick and choose what you want to work for.  The businesses listed have agreed to pay commissions for leads that produce sales. These same businesses may want to hire staff working from home for permanent arrangements.

We offer you the portal that opens the doors to thousands of possibilities by providing the tools to allow you to work immediately for commissions and display resumes for more permanent employment. You can produce immediate income by referring prospects to businesses and, if the prospect buys, you will earn a commission. The business ranks all sales and acknowledges all sales reps by name. These ratings are posted for all businesses to view. By creating leads for a business, you are creating a resume for more permanent employment.

How To Earn Immediate Commission?

Training Video :

Employment Resume Service Video :

How do I refer customers?

You refer prospects to any business by sharing your unique business referral link (Available on any business listing), completing a referral form or by handing out Discount Coupons. All prospect contacts are tracked in both sales rep and business dashboards. Results of each contact made will be displayed. If the prospect purchases, the sales commission is paid into your PayPal account. The business rates your leads and your ratings are available for all businesses to view. The Sales Rep rates the business and the business ratings are available for all to see.

Discount Coupon, a commission is offered for each successful coupon usage. The business offers a discount to prospects and the sales rep distributes the discount coupons and for everyone used a commission is paid to the sales rep.

How do I get unique business links ?

Unique business links are available only from the sales rep login. The unique links were developed to track the prospects and the business connection and identifies the sales rep of record. The unique business link is unique for each sales rep and for each business. The unique link is used to email clients to allow them to view business details of companies you recommend as a visitor. The visitor will not see the same page the sales rep views. This is to allow the prospect to see only the business details with telephone numbers, emails, and forms. If the prospect links to the business page using your unique link, the page will acknowledge you as the sale rep and log this visit in both sales and business dashboards. Additionally, the system will send a text message to you and the business that a prospect has arrived. Any contact by phone, email, or form made beyond that point will identify you as the sales rep and, if any purchase is complete, will entitle you to a commission and the details will be displayed in both sales and business dashboard.

To acquire a unique link for any business, login as sales rep, locate the business you wish to refer, and click the button “Get Link”. The link is displayed in two ways, the business name with hyperlinked unique code and the unique code in html. We recommend that you copy and paste the business name with hyperlink. This link is unique and always identifies the sales rep and the business page. The unique link can be used in emails, social media, any digital messaging system. Anyone one clicking on the unique link will always register you as the sales rep.

How Service Request Forms work?

Sharing your unique business referral link with a prospect starts the process. When a prospect clicks the unique link, it will take the prospect to the page located on BCSpro and on that page is a service request or quote form. If either are filled out the details of that submission will be placed into sales rep and business dashboard and both will receive a text message that a prospect has requested information. At that point it is the business’ responsibility to review and respond to the prospect and notify the sales rep the outcome. The form will not be closed and if the business has not updated what happened with the lead in 1 day, the business will be alerted. All notices are available to both the sales rep and the business.

Both the sales rep and business rate each other. These ratings with comments are posted for BCSpro staff to review and we control all ratings. Any questions email

How do I get paid?

We request that the sales rep and business each establish a PayPal account which allows easy transfer of commissions electronically. You can set up a PayPal account easily by signing up on Your sales rep dashboard will display all prospect activities and the business will notice you when the prospect buys. The business would then copy your PayPal account and send money transfer electronically. It takes 3 days to clear. You will receive an email telling you that you have money. At that point you can remove or transfer to your bank or credit card.

BCS System for Sales Reps ?

Freelance work from home sales rep is the best way to describe BCS system. Our system enables businesses to display commissions and discount coupons ONLY to sales reps. Every business is rated by up to 8 stars, to inform which businesses have compiled the best rating with the BCSpro. The higher number of stars the better their performance. We categorize all businesses by type of businesses and the page displayed with the highest rated business in each category.

Your sales activities are monitored by businesses and we urge all sales reps to load resumes into your dashboard. The resumes can be loaded as a document, PDF, Video or Audio. The BCSpro portal allows the sales rep to advertise their abilities and display your rating to any business sign up on our portal.

All sales reps have to sign in to view the business offers and use the system. The sales reps activities will also be rated by the BCSpro staff from ratings provided by businesses. The rating will be displayed for all sales reps. After you have signed up and agreed to BCS terms you will be enabled to recommend, refer, offer discount coupons, advertise the business, post referral links to the business page which, when used, will provide a commission to the sales rep. We urge you to view the informational video.