Become A Sales Rep For BCSpro

Why Sell for BCS Pro ?

Signing up was your first step to sales independence.  BCS provides sales reps the ability to earn commissions from 1700+ businesses.  You pick and choose what you want to sell and for whom.  We provide, businesses that agree to pay you commissions and the tools to allow you to recommend that business to friends and prospects and if they contact the business you will appear as sales person of record and a purchase will earn commissions.

How does it Work ?

The website displays the business information, offers commission, tracks leads and if sold pay you commissions promptly.  We protect our sales reps by rating all 1700 businesses.  We use a 0-9 star system.  The business with the highest rating will appear on the top of  any page.  The sales reps can decide which business to market.

How can I refer customers ?

You can refer any business to a customer by sharing your unique business referral link or by giving them coupon codes that you can generate from your sales representative admin panel dashboard.

For coupon, it has to be approved by the business prior to use. You will get a commission for each successful coupon usage for transaction / sales and your customer will also get a good discount on the total amount.

How do I get unique business links ?

To get your unique business links you have to login to the website first as a referrer. Once logged in you go to the home page or to the categories and find a business you want to promote. Once you find it, click on the get URL button to get your unique link for that business.

How is my referrals counted ?

If you have shared your unique business referral link to a customer and that customer has visited and requested service through the service request form of the page you will be automatically be related to that customer as referrer as the link provided to you is unique.

Similar to unique business referral link, if you share coupon code to customer and they use the code to request service from the business profile at BCS pro you will be linked as the referrer. This is because the code assigned to you is unique. You get credit for the coupon usage after business confirms transaction of sales using the coupon.

How can I get paid for referral ?

You can take out your credit amount through PayPal from our site any time. The request will be processed promptly and credit equivalent amount will be deposited to your PayPal account.

BCS System for Sales Reps ?

Freelance Sales rep is best way to describe BCS system. Our system enables businesses to display commissions and discount coupons ONLY to sales rep . Every business is rated by up to 8 stars, to inform you which businesses have complied with the BCS rules. The higher number of stars the better their performance. We categorize all businesses and we have features to assist your search.

The freelance sales rep to operate within BCS system must sign in and comply with BCS rules. The sales reps will also be rated by the BCS but that rating will not be displayed. After you have signed up and agreed to BCS terms you will be enabled to recommend, refer, offer discount coupons, advertise the business, post referral links to the business page which when used will provide a commission to the sales rep. To completely understand the system we urge you to view the movie.