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In the next five years, twenty five percent of jobs will work from home.  By 2030 experts are predicting millions of jobs will contribute remotely.  


To prepare for this eventuality, we have developed an opportunity for both businesses and sales.   


This site will provide business an ability to increased sales at lower cost, and the independent sales rep a commission, for providing buyers.  The business must agree and contract to pay the remote referrers commissions.    All done online


We accomplish this by developing a directory of businesses, who seek sales leads and willing to pay a commission.  The businesses sign up for free by uploading their company information specifying the requirements and commission paid for new sales.   We will have 3,000 businesses in South Florida online by October.


We want every business in South Florida to benefit from using our service.   If you own a business, let BCSpro sales reps drive paying customers to your door step. 


Sales reps seeking an income source will use BCSpro to direct friends, acquaintances and social contacts seeking products/services to businesses for a commission. Selecting  businesses that have provided them quality service/products in the past.    We are positioning this site as an innovative leader to attract independent entrepreneurs that want to capitalize on the coming changes and businesses that want to reduce their sales costs.  


To achieve this goal BCSpro will populate a directory of 3000 companies seeking sales. As we create the directory sales reps will access and posts prospects for businesses. As the site reputation grows so will the number of businesses and referrers. By creating a site where people can make money for referring a bsuiness - we provide a source of income for those not able to find full time work, whom want to work from home and/or part-time.  The business gains by knowing the leads provided seek his product / services so he is investing time with a qualified lead.   


BCSpro solves multiple problems for both business and referrers, by providing a readymade platform to begin immediately. This site will enable sales people to find any product / service and source of qualified businesses, willing to pay for referrals.


If you want more sales sign up Free.  

If you want to earn income sign up Free


The site will serve as a business bulletin board, providing qualified inbound links and reaching hundreds of referrers eager to acquire income.  As sales reps begin to use links on their social media sites, businesses will gain additional inbound links.   The possibilities are endless and opportunity to be on ground floor is a huge benefit. 


Soon, referrers will use a network of email contacts and social media acquaintances.   BCSpro code will enable identification of prospects by coded scripts from emails, social media sites and images, which when used will qualify the referrers for a commission.  If you are ready to be your own boss, working your schedule then join the way of the future. 

 This service will be free* to all that join now!

*We expect charges and fees as the program matures.