FAQ Business Owners

Your Business Will Benefit From Our Leads?

-  Free leads at no cost until they buy! BCSpro sales reps will drive prospects to your business.

 - Sales reps will advertise your business to their friends, social media acquaintances, family, and neighbors. This will expose your company to their inner circle of people. When customers choose a company, 90% of the time it’s because a person they know,  recommended the company.

 - Let our staff driver prospects to your company.  Your sales staff needs only to close the deal.   Remember you only pay commission to BCS pro sales reps when prospect completes a purchase.   

 - Your company, once registered on BCS pro, will  receive free web page to advertise of your products, services, and locations. You can upload images of your storefront, staff, and completed jobs, along with credentials, testimonials, and a history of your business. This also creates a new location on the Internet where your company can be found.

 - Your set the commission rate.  It can be % of sale, flat commission or discount coupon. Only the sales reps can view the commission offered.   If you need more leads increase the commission.

 - BCSpro award stars to businesses for performance. This is done to show the public and sales rep the most responsive businesses.  Each business controls their rating and our support staff is available to assist any business improve their rating support@bcspro.com

 - BCS pro will grow your business. We are business-minded people that believe incentive can replace salaries.

How Do I Receive Business Leads ?

- BCS sales representative find prospects that needs your product/services and send them to your BCSpro business page, using their unique business link. This action triggers automatic tracking of the prospect assigned to that sales rep.   From your BCS web page the prospect can call you on phone, email quote request, email question or redeem discount coupon. All notices are sent to your phone, email and a text message follows alerting you that a prospect needs assistance.    

How Can I Get More Leads ?

The lead flow is controlled by independent sales reps.  Each rep can view your webpage, commissions offered and the number of stars you have earned.  Each of those three elements control the number of sales leads.  You can get more information by emailing support@bcspro.com


How Are Leads Tracked ?

All prospects are tracked by entrance codes and each prospects is assigned a sales rep.  The details of the phone calls made, emails sent and discount coupons presented are tracked in both the business and the sales dashboards.  All communication reported by the business with the prospect is shared. All purchases reported, commission earned and paid are noted on the dashboard. This information is used to awarding stars to businesses.

How do I Pay the Sales Representatives ?

The sales reps perfer PayPal.  The PayPal payment system is easily set up and use. Other payments can be used with approval from sales rep.  

What Must I do ?

You must complete the basic business format provided. Place content about your business on entrance application. Provide Commissions offered to BCS sales reps.  Setup Discount Coupons. You must have valid email address, answer your phone and text leads promptly. You need to respond to all sales leads promptly. You must set up PayPal account to pay sales reps.  Assistance is available by emailing support@bcspro.com

How Can I Earn Recognition and Displayed First On Web Page ?

We have established a Stars rating system for each business. BCS control the ratings and all site are displayed in order of number of stars earned. The company with most stars will display before others.  Stars are provided to businesses by BCS staff for the following-

        - Emails address is operational and complete details about your business are uploaded.
        - Telephone number are active and text numbers are operational.
        - Competitive commissions offered to sales rep.
        - Appropriate discounts coupon completed.
        - You respond to test sales lead within 24 hours.
        - Set Up Paypal payment system to pay commissions.
        - Leads are timely handled with notices on BCS system.
        - Stars controlled by

How is Star System Used by BCS  ?

All sites will display in order of the number of stars each site displays. There are 8 stars which can be assigned. All sites with 8 stars will appear before 7 stared account, etc.. Stars rating informs sales reps which businesses are best to work with.

BCS controls the rating of all businesses listed. Which enables BCS to lower ratings on companies that are not performing when provided leads. BCS controls stars assigned, to ensure the quality and the performance by the businesses.


Email Address and Text Numbers

Each account unique identifier is the email address. No two accounts may have the same email address. We use Text messaging to quickly alert businesses and sales reps that leads have taken action. You should always list a text message number when completing your information.

Forgot Password - Change Email Login 

Each account unique identifier is the email address, so if you forgot your password click on Forgot Password and input your email address and the system will email you a new login password.

If you have changed your email address and need to change your login email address please send email to support@bcspro.com and staff will assist you. 

Photo Sizes

On the business photos we use 800 x 600 standard size JPG and PNG file formats. No larger than 10 MB with automatic upload capabilities.

Add Support FAQ

If for any reason you need assistance you can leave a message on the site with live chat or send email to support@bcspro.com  your request will be answer promptly within one business day.

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