BCSpro Sales Reps Program


Business has changed and the independent sales rep of 2017 needs to follow.  Today, sales rep need choices, about what to sell, when they want to work and which companies they want to represent.   BCSpro has developed a business network to accomplish all those goals.  It is made up of 1700+ businesses and 200+ sales reps.

If you are interested in becoming a referrer please fill out the form on the website and BCS will email you the procedures.  support@bcspro.com 

How Does the Program Work?

We have signed 1700+ businesses in South Florida to the site.  These new businesses are working to become rated by BCSpro.  When completed BCS pro will review and assign a star value to each business, from 1-8  stars.  The sales reps selects the business to advertise and downloads a unique code. The sales rep distributes this unique code via social media,  email, discount coupons, print and word of mouth, to earn a commission.   Anyone using this unique code will be assigned and tracked in your sales dashboard as a  your prospect.   The unique code identifies that you sent the prospect, if the prospect purchases you earn a commission.   


How can I refer customers ?

You can refer any business to a customer by sharing your unique business referral link or by giving them coupon codes that you can generate from your sales dashboard. 

Coupons, are approved by the business prior to use. A discount coupon might offer a 10% off list price on any purchase when redeemed will earn you a commmision. 

Unique Business Links ?

All sales reps have the ability to download unique business links from any business on BCSpro.  The unique links are hyperlinks to the business page with imbedded code that assigns this prospect to your sales records.   Unique codes are available only from the Sale rep login.   Once logged in,  go to the home page of any business and click the “Get URL” a pop up will display the unique code.    This URL can be used as hyper link on any words in any document.  Additional info support@bcspro.com

How Are Sales Leads Tracked ?

If you share a unique business link with a prospect and that prospect links to the business and makes telephone call, or sends email from the BCS page the prospect information is placed into your sales dashboard.  That becomes a lead and both you and the business are noticed by Text or email.   This information is inserted into the dashboard of both sales and business.  That lead will remain until business responds and advise the outcome of the contact.  Communication between the business and sales rep are all stored with the lead. 

Getting Paid for referral ?

We recommend PayPal as the easiest source of payments.  You and the business will both need PayPal account.  

Additonal info from support@bcspro.com 

BCS System for Sales Reps ?

Freelance Sales rep is best way to describe BCS system. Our system enables businesses to display commissions and discount coupons to sales rep . Every business is rated by up to 8 stars, to inform you which businesses have complied the best record.   The higher number of stars the better their performance. We categorize all businesses on every page by the number of stars from the top of the category page.

All freelance sales rep must sign in and comply with BCS rules. The sales reps will also be rated by the BCS but that rating will not be displayed. After you have signed up and agreed to BCS terms you will be enabled to recommend, refer, offer discount coupons, advertise the business, post referral links to the business page which when used will provide a commission to the sales rep.

Email Address and Text Numbers

Each account unique identifier is the email address. No two accounts may have the same email address. We use Text messaging to quickly alert businesses and sales reps that leads have taken action. You should always list a text message number when completing your information and if you elect we will send you text messages.

If you wish to change your email address you must contact support@bcspro.com 

Forgot Password -Change Email Login

Each account unique identifier is the email address, so if you forgot your password click on Forgot Password and input your email address and the system will email you a new login password.

If you wish to change your email address you must contact support@bcspro.com 

Photo Sizes

On the business photos we use 800 x 600 standard size JPG and PNG file formats. No larger than 10 MB with automatic upload capabilities.

Add Support FAQ

If for any reason you need assistance you can leave a message on the site with live chat or send email to support@bcspro.com  your request will be answer promptly within one business day.