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We offer both immediate commission only sales positions or, if you submit your resume, placement with businesses that need specific talents. Signing up is the first step to sales independence from home. BCS provides sales reps the ability to earn commissions immediately from thousands of businesses.  You pick and choose what you want to sell and for whom.  The businesses listed have agreed to pay commissions for leads that produce sales. These same businesses may want to hire staff working from home for sales and marketing permanent arrangements.

We offer you the portal that opens the doors to thousands of possibilities by providing the tools to allow you to work immediately for commissions and display resumes for more permanent employment. You can produce immediate income by referring prospects to businesses and, if the prospect buys, you will earn a commission. The business ranks all sales and acknowledges all sales reps by name. These ratings are posted for all businesses to view. By creating leads for a business, you are creating a resume for more permanent employment.

Explain the Resume Process?

The resume process is no charge to sales reps, allows all businesses on BCSpro to view your resume free and open a conversation. Most of those submitting the resume do so by-Word Documents, but we also offer audio and video uploads. The resume can be completed in 15 minutes, when uploaded and made public all businesses can search our database of potential employees by location, salary range, Education, Experience and Employment desired. Here is sample of the resume.

How To Earn Immediate Commission Sales?