Quick Tour of BCSPro

Registration Procedure

The first step into BCSpro is to decide if you are signing up as business or Sales Rep. the two forms must be selected and all fields must be complete that are marked with *. Each form requires an email which is the unique identifier used on this site- duplication sign up with same email address is not allowed. When the form is complete the system will email and request you login to confirm.

 Sign up

Sign In Procedure

When you sign you must select Business or Sales Rep (Referrer) fille in your email address and password. If you forget your password click the Forgot Password link and the system will send a new password.

Sign in bcspro

How To Update Your Profile

The business user must provide information about your company, the basics is telephone, address Company Name. Very important is the Text number. BCS pro uses text messages to advise you about leads provided and sent to business so always fill in text number and accept all text messaged. Details sections request information about your company, and the category you want your business displayed. If you have questions about how to handle this portion send an email to support@bcspro.com and request that they fill it in for you. The category alias is most important because that is how sales reps will find your company, make sure you use descriptive terms of what your business provides. The location can be selected in areas where you seek customers.

Update business profile basics

Update business profile details

How To Update Slide Show 

The slide show is provided so the business can display their wares. This should be used by all businesses to explain in images what your business does. Images must be JPG or PNG file type less than 10MB and be at least 800 x 600 pixels in size. You can load multiple images and change or delete as needed.

Update business profile with slideshow images

How To Manage Leads

Leads are sent to you by the BCSpro webpage. Either Phone calls and the number is recorded as lead. Or Emails which are also recorded as leads. Request for Quote forms which are leads. Discount Coupons which given to entice lead to contact your company and they are leads. All the leads are placed into the admin panel automatically upon being opened except the discount coupons which must be entered upon purchase by the business. All leads should be contacted ASAP and the action taken should be updated in the lead page. The Sales Rep receives notification when you have taken action working on the lead. If business does not answer the lead timely the star rating of that business will drop. If business is finalized a commission is due the sales rep and needs to be paid with 48 hours. If not handled promptly your star rating on the site will drop. The star rating is devised to ensure that after the sales rep works for no money to get you a lead that you will handle the lead appropriately. Businesses with higher star rating appear first on all pages.

Manage leads

Messaging between business and referrer

Find Business and Refer

Find businesses by part of business name or location.

Search results

Then select the business you want from the list. You'll see the page with business details, offering etc.

Business details page

Click on the refer button to refer a client.

BCSPro refer customer to business 1

BCSPro refer customer to business 2