Return Policies and Refunds

Refund Policy

Nearly every consumer has returned a purchased item for a refund, exchange, or store credit at least once. The experience usually is quite uneventful, although sometimes returns don't go the way we would like them to. But while merchants are not required to accept returns (unless there is a defect, in which case it may be covered by an implied warranty), certain laws govern the disclosure of refund and return policies.

Purchasing coupons on BCSpro are not  covered by any warranty.  If things don’t work as expected, BCS will work with the consumer and the business to find a solution.   The warranty that BCSpro offers is that we will work with the business and the consumer to resolve the difference of opinion.   However, to assist with a claim, consumer must advise BCSpro  within 7 business days in writing  to

In some cases the consumer may be buying a product and that product warranty might cover a product for a lifetime or a matter of days. It may cover all kinds of damage or be limited to specific defects. Certain actions, such as misuse, may render a warranty invalid, preventing you from returning a broken product.  

A BCSpro coupon campaign is made to encourage people to try a new business.  We work with our businesses to make sure that the offer made is one they can deliver.  We also work with the consumer to provide them peace of mind.  If the buyer of the coupon used the coupon before the expiration date and is dissatisfied, they should email to within 7 business days.  BCSpro will respond to all complaints filed and contact the business. Our goal is to resolve the differences as best as possible. 

Additionally, we will refund unredeemed coupons within 48 hours of the purchase.  In the cases of act of god (such as storms) coupons may be redeemed for the amount of purchase. 

If consumer coupons were unredeemed because the business was not able to fulfill the coupon before the expiration date.  The consumer may use the amount paid with BCSpro as a credit on any other coupon offered.